Apartment 1A: The Kitchen Tour

So, I thought it might be a nice idea to do a bit of a tour of my kitchen. I feel like people who cook always like to see what other people have in their kitchens. Or at least I do. Mostly I like to covet fancy things. Most of my things aren’t that fancy, but I’ve got some gems here and there. And a pretty sweet kitchen, I might add.

It’s pretty small, as far as kitchen go. But for a kitchen in an apartment in a city, it’s actually a pretty decent size.


You’ll have to excuse the bike to the left (again, apartment in the city). But this is my kitchen. The giant butcher block peninsula is pretty much a life saver and basically makes the kitchen as great as it is. It’s HUGE, and I can prepare stuff on it at multiple stations, and store stuff on it, and there’s even room for seating on one side. Other things I like about my kitchen are the gas oven and stove, and the DISHWASHER. I don’t care what anybody says, having a dishwasher is the BEST. When it comes down to it, there’s not much about my kitchen I don’t like. Sure, I could always use some more storage, but we get by okay, and the pot rack we installed gives us some great extra space. The one other thing is that it doesn’t very much natural lighting, which makes taking pictures for this blog a bit of a pain, and means I’m often cooking in my own shadow. But all in all, it’s a pretty great kitchen.

This is the peninsula in all it’s glory:


This is the lovely little pot rack we installed when we moved in:


It’s nice to be able to display my nice cookware, a great 10 piece Lagostina set I got for a really great deal at Kitchen Stuff Plus.

And here is the true star of the kitchen:


Apart from the kitchen itself though, there are lots of things IN my kitchen that I love and am really partial too. This one is a big one:



I was lucky enough to get this beauty for Christmas this year. Because I am spoiled. And I know it. But I’m pretty okay with it if it means I get to use this swanky machine. Here are some other beautiful things in my kitchen:

A lovely glass cake platter


These wee little cat plates I found at Value Village. I discovered that I can buy the complete set at the Sanko store on Queen West.


 Our tiny Le Creuset collection


 These are danish dough Whisks!


My favourite milk glass vase


And here’s a bonus – a badly behaving cat




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